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Candle Subscription Box

Meet the Candle Subscription Box! This fall we have two cozy scents to choose from:

Ember, a wooden wick candle, is made of pure essential oils that include orange, cardamom + cedarwood. Ember was created to be authentic to Florida's fall season by keeping it's aroma bright and filled with notes of citrus, while also incorporating woodsy undertones.
Golden, a hemp wick candle, is made of a blend of essential oils and (clean) fine fragrance oils. Golden's scent notes are amber, ginger + lemon. Golden is fresh and modern. The smooth lemon top note is met with a peppery ginger middle and grounded with warm amber. 

Receive our Limited Edition candles quarterly! Once every three months, we will send you one seasonal candle hand-poured by us! This subscription will cycle through a variety of scents based upon the season that you receive your box.

There are four boxes per year- a spring, summer, fall and winter box. You will get your initial box at the time you order and all following boxes will ship on the 1st of that season's month; March, June, September, and December. Most of the Limited Edition Candles will be exclusively available to our quarterly subscribers and not available for outside purchase.

100% plant-based, our candles bring the perfect level of warmth and coziness to your home while ensuring your home’s air is safe from the toxins and chemicals found in so many other candle products.

Your subscription will automatically renew every three months. You may cancel at anytime.