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Rest Linen Spray

Rest Linen Spray

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You need rest, yet it seems like so much around you is trying to keep you from it. Roma Linen Spray is here to help. 

Carefully formulated with oils meant to help you relax, unwind, and refresh.

Lavender - Boosts mood, relieves stress, and aids in rest.

Bergamot - Aids in calming anxiety, boosts mood, and is an anti-depressant

Ylang Ylang - World renowned for it’s calming and mood-boosting properties.

Sizing Information

Our linen spray is hand-poured into 2 oz amber glass bottles with our timeless label and clear cap. The simple and sleek design is perfect for anywhere around your home! Nightstands, coffee tables, bookshelves, etc. 1.5" in width and 4.9" in height.

How to Use

Spray directly onto your bedsheets, blankets, pillows + more to freshen up your space!


Our linen spray is crafted with a blend of pure essential oils and water.

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